• Yoga is a mind and body practice with a 5000 year history in ancient Indian philosophy. In more recent years, it has become popular as a form of physical exercise based upon poses that promote improved control of […]

  • So many uses are there from doing yoga daily.

    The only way to know it is by doing it.Watch this video.

  • Perman is a Japanese manga series that is loved by all kids. And 90’s kids were Die-hard fan of Perman.

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    Pyramidal Meditation is 1 to 3 times faster meditation.It helps in recieving Cosmic energy 3 times faster than normal.

    It helps in studies, concentration, remove negative thoughts,vaastu corrections, improves […]

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    Crystal Healing works just by keeping crystals in your hands or by keeping it with you.

    It works for bringing luck,money,name & fame,marriages and pregnancy etc.

    For buying genuine crystals which suits your body […]

  • Rei-Divine & Ki-Energy.

    It is Universal power mainly used for Heart Soul Mind and Body Healings.

    I am also a Crystal Healer, Soul Healer, Previous Birth Karmic Healer.

    Fot further Information Contact me […]

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    Reiki Healing

  • Yoga in Day to Day Life

  • Relaxation tips?

  • Since this is summer and a season for mangoes, how about a Dal recipe with a raw mango. I am preparing now a Bengali style raw mango dal.

    In this recipe I have used Masoor Dal and adopted the classic Bengali […]

  • I have taken a completely different route of preparation making it more like a fried rice. For enhancing the flavor I have used brown basmati rice which brings with it a distinct aroma, however normal rice can […]

  • Here in this recipe I have sun dried raw mango instead of tamarind for preparation of chutney podi. Please do try this simple recipe at home.

    Don’t forget to give likes & comments and share with your friends & […]

  • Sweet corn is rich in insoluble fiber which aids in digestion & bowel movement. Apart from that it delays ageing, lowers cholesterol, enhances skin texture, prevents anaemia etc.

    Please do give this simple […]

  • Here in this recipe I m using sprouted black chana instead of regular chana as sprouting increases nutritional value.

    Please do try out this simple recipe at your home and let me know how it came out. Till I m […]

  • Usually the grated coconut is also fried along with tempering ingredients and added to dal, but here I have added grated coconut directly to the dal in the end. Direct cooking/frying of coconut leads to bad […]

  • Simple chaat recipe which can be prepared in a minute – Peanut chaat. To make it all the more healthy, I have sprouted the peanuts before chaat preparation.

    Sprouting the pulses / lentils reduces the bloating […]

  • Preparation of this curd bhath is extremely simple, Just a few ingredients and it is ready. And Believe me it tastes like heaven.

    Millets are suitable for diabetic people. Among the millets, samai (little […]

  • Sago contains a nice amount of Iron, a tiny amount of protein with the feeble amount of Calcium, Vitamins, and other minerals. DO try this simple recipe at your home.

    Don’t for get to like & comment and also […]

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