How to write a useful answers

Many of them will find it difficult to answer any questions. Most of them just read question and answer randomly without even checking what they have written. This is actually wrong!! Whether you know or u don’t but try to answer in a good way so that people will catch it easily. Just think! Your answer will be read by many people, it will get shared and most important thing is not only you are answering but you are sharing your knowledge and you are helping many people around the world. Remeber to follow all the guidelines and some tips to answer.

Here, there are some guidelines that will help you to provide a good amswer. 

How to write a good answer?

  • Be Clear.
  • Be accurate and correct.
  • Provide examples.
  • Include step-by-step explaination(while solving).
  • Format your answers.
  • Revise your answer to include more information.
  • Monitor your answer for comments so that you can reply with explanation if questions come around about your answer.
  • Don’t duplicate other answers.
  • Keep in mind that your answer will help many people so be accurate what in what you are including.

5 Simple tips to write the perfect answers.

Yes, almost half of your millennial customers prefer to help themselves before they reach out to your support staff for help. If your answers are helpful, you can use this time to improve your knowledge and expand your learning.

1. Format your answer
First you need to cleary understand the question what is asked. Analyse the question and format you answers by structure. Also, grammer is very important your answer will reach to many people so be careful in grammer.

2. Explaination
Try using the bullet point / list format because it’s easier to read and understand. However, if you decide to write in paragraphs, there should be no more than 3-4 sentences in each paragraph. Any more than that, and you’re probably going to drive your reader away.
(When it comes to sloving use step by step explaination to easily get understand while looking into it.)

3. Use requirements
Like tags, categories and etc,. to make it easy and simple to search anything.

4. Revive your answer
Everyone can make a mistake, before submitting revive your answer once, this will surely help you to succeed.

5. Quality Answers
Quality and relevant content play a vital role in fetching good attention.

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