• Its a belief and few instances heard from close connections like friends or relatives OR medias that have proven to be true after experiencing the consulting of astrology makes people to have a try on the […]

  • This is from the generation… Everyone will believe this when someone say something about them.

  • Wow…this is the best one.

    This should reach more people out there. What we are facing in real life…in schools they are not teaching us.

    Everyone should know how to earn money ,how to save, how to invest… […]

  • Can’t imagine the daily life without these things..Both are really necessary… UI

  • It might be the work of people close to the working team or even the team by themselves have released to make it viral over social media.

  • Fashion is fond by all. It is a cool and creative way of fashion and is an trendy  way of designing. Provides equal importance to everyone

  • The first thing that pops up is the people who hate Yash or the anti gang. Sometimes it also creates the hype over media before the official release. It might also be a attention seeking gimmick.

  • Don’t know why people are doing all these. These things should be avoided and to be punished.

    Anyway movie will be the best hit ever.

  • It is not possible to leave both, because both are required in our daily life. But still I can give up internet for some time, but can’t stay without taking bath.

  • They are best looking traditional attire for boys or men other than their modern day outfits.

  • For every person, health is a major thing. If we don’t bathe, we will be in hospital. So, I will give up Internet.

  • It is one of the traditional dress other than saree… Kurtis are the perfect way of dressing for all occasions. Nowadays most of them prefer Kurtis than sarees.

  • Kurtis are more comfortable, flexible, fashionable, and available in wide varieties and suitable for all traditional occasions like festivals, marriages..

  • People working in film industry are the one’s who can have bytes of kgf. This incident broke down fans of yash. People were so excited to see the kgf trailer, but this act disappointed them. The people who have […]

  • I would give up Internet for a month .

  • Ahaa…who will give up internet in this generation😅

  • Ohhh no!!!

    I can’t imagine living without the internet..

  • Now a days all are fond of make-up, fashion, and you can choose your own way of style in this profession and it is more competitive today,and even we can start our career earlier than IT profession without much […]

  • I can give up internet for whole year but I can’t be with the same dress daily 😂

  • Fashion designing involves more creative stuff than IT in general. If you ain’t a tech savvy, and love the creative job and designing, the career in fashion designing is your best bet. As per the salary is c […]

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