Devotee : How to become Humble?

H.H. Bhakti Caru Swami Maharaja: Before coming to the ashrama your attitude towards the devotees were sentimental, somewhat sentimental. And now it is becoming practical. So there is a difference, that is because now you are seeing that from a distance when you looked at them it was so easy to look at everyone as pure devotees, address them as “Prabhu” and become prepared to do anything for them. But when you come close to then you began to see that they have their defects, or their dealings sometimes are not that desirable. So whatever it is that you recognize, just as you are practicing to become a devotee, others are also practicing to become a devotee. So they may not be a pure devotee now but someday they’ll also become pure devotees. Just as some day you’ll also become a pure devotees so be patient and tolerant. And I tell you the spiritual life is very, very purifying. It’s very purifying. I have seen with time how devotees change. Like, I remember when I joined there was one devotee who was so obnoxious. He was very difficult and nobody used to like him. Because he was so cantankerous, quarrelsome, proud, but now that devotee .. actually, those days nobody wanted to associate with him but today everybody, he has become so pleasant that everybody loves him. So how did he change? Because he is practicing the process and the process is purifying. So the point is when you are in the association of devotees don’t be critical, but be tolerant and maintain a humble attitude. Yes, when you are close to them you will find many faults with them but at the same time you can consider if they have those faults, how many faults do you have? That is how we should maintain our humble disposition and maintain our tolerance. That’s how you become humble, as you asked how to become humble.

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