Should You Delete WhatsApp From Your Phone?

Lately, a massive amount of WhatsApp users have been jumping ship to more secure messaging apps like signal and telegram…after WhatsApp announced its updated privacy policy. Many users pointed out that this important line was removed.

” Respect for your Privacy is closed into our DNA. Since we started WhatsApp we’ve aspired to build our services with a set of strong Privacy Principles in mind.”

But what does the new policy actually say?

Well, In simple terms if you want to continue using WhatsApp after February 8th you have to agree to share your personal data with Facebook and Instagram. So, they can customize the ads on their platforms.

Personal data includes… your phone number, your profile picture, your WhatsApp status, your IP address, your about info, your language and time zone, how often you use WhatsApp, and what are the groups that you’ve joined.

But those are just the basics. If you’re communicating with a business via WhatsApp and that business chooses to be hosted by the third-party service? That third party might be able to read your messages and use whatever information is there for its benefits. That third party by the way can also be Facebook. In that case, Facebook may use these chats to personalize content for you.

Remember the last time you spoke about something and then you saw an AD about it the next day? Here, is the funny thing about the WhatsApp update, most of it is old news as early as August 2016 WhatsApp had already started sharing user information with Facebook…users then were given 30days to opt-out of that policy change. If you were aware of it back then and you said NO then you’re SAFE now. If you didn’t, well it’s not the end of the world.

To be clear all of you’re private messages, videos, pictures, recordings, according to Facebook remain safe. Yes, my dear Mark Zuckerberg won’t be able to read them. But apart from that Should you delete WhatsApp or not? You just have to ask yourself these two questions.

Number one: How much do you trust Facebook?

Number two: Will you be able to sleep soundly at night knowing all of the personal data just listed earlier will be able to them?

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