Why Farmers are Protesting in India?

The largest protest in Human History is happening right now. 250 million people have come together for this protest.

2020 has been the year of big protests from Europe and Africa to the US. But in India, and even larger protest s happening in the name of farmers who fight against new laws…So why are they protesting these laws?

Well, it’s important to say that they allow them to do trading in different regions instead of only in their own region as previously. The law also gives the option to cut out the middlemen who some say could take high cuts from farmers not allowing them to make as much as they should with the minimum price support. That is good! But at the same time, we can also see Why Farmer’s Fear? these laws could be bad for them.

The dispute solving system seems weak so it’s natural that farmers fear that in case of dispute they won’t be able to afford the lawyers larger corporations can. The new also decriminalizes stocking up on crops so farmers fear that private corporations can take advantage of this to abuse the market.

Farmer 1: “Buy our crop at whatever price they want and they will sell at whatever price they want!”

Farmer 2: “The government is stealing from the common man to fill the treasury of a few corporations.”

Even if some people are against this protest saying that farmers don’t understand the bill…

There has to be some reason why this is the largest protest in Human History! With low wages, declining soil health, and high suicide rates… they were already wounded for a long time. Throwing water cannons or mocking their fears is just adding salt to their already open wounds.

In the world, there are many professions that make our lives much better. Farmers, builders, cleaners, supermarket workers, all of them matter so much in society but never get their voices heard. Never get to earn a good living quite the opposite year by year their lives get harder. And that is exactly why this protest needs to be heard all around the world.

Because this is not just about India, This is about millions of people who work hard for long hours to feed our stomachs, clean our streets, or build our homes.

What they do is important for our survival. Yet, what they need for their survival isn’t taken with respect by many people. How much longer can they accept their voices being unheard?!

It’s inspiring how powerful common people can be in big numbers to come together in the largest protest in history. To stand united against Discrimination, this has to make a difference! Because when people stand united minorities can come together to become majorities and shake up the world.

That is how the protest of the unheard is quickly becoming heard all around the world! People in London, Australia, and New York are all come together in solidarity with Indian farmers. 

It is not very often that farmers can become the spotlight! But now that it happened… May these farmers become the voice for all the workers around the world who are silenced by those richer than them. May they give strength to all of those who feel like their work is not appreciated. May they bring a better tomorrow to everyone who works their ass off without a good salary.

Now the whole world has to hear the voices of farmers from India!

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