Why is Famous Billionaire Jack Ma Missing?

A Big mystery is happening right now in China as one of their most famous Billionaires suddenly disappeared.

He is the C0-founder of Tech Giant Alibaba. A man is also known as the “Face of New China.” A future-looking Philanthropist! his name is Jack Ma. So, how can one of the most influential people in the world known for his love of being in the spotlight suddenly disappear without a trace?

Well, the plot thickens if we look at what Jack Ma said the last time he was see Jack Ma n in public.

October 24, 2020. Jack Ma delivered a speech criticizing the way China’s financial system works. He even compared China’s global banking regulations to an old people’s club.

November 2, 2020. Reportedly not pleased with his words the Chinese government summoned him for questioning.

November 3, 2020. By the next day, China’s securities watchdog stopped Alibaba’s”Ant Financial” from launching its record-breaking offering at the Shanghai stock exchange. No one has heard from Jack Ma since then. And questions about his whereabouts grew even louder when he failed to appear on the finale of his own African business TV show.

Comments say: “Did the government abduct him?” “Did China Kill Jack Ma?”

It all sounds crazy until you hear what an exiled Chinese billionaire predicted in 2019! And what do you think is likely to happen to Jack Ma in the next year or so?

All the China’s billionaire, only two way. So, then Jail and Die.

This sounds less impossible when you realize that several other Chinese Billionaires who were as outspoken against Chinese policies had also disappeared years ago! Some of them never even came back.

Until now…nobody knows what really happened to Jack Ma. Recently it was reported that he is only “Laying low.” While a Chinese media outlet claimed he is “Embracing supervision”. A term that, reportedly could also mean Jail. Only time will tell but one thing has always been crystal clear Chinese communist party doesn’t play around.

So, where is Alibaba’s Jack Ma?!

What are your thoughts let us know by getting answers from you…

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