Why School doesn’t teach us about Money?

Why at school do we learn complicated equations and Mathematics. But we don’t learn about how to manage our money? How to invest money? and How to use the stock market?

Most people lose money on the Stock market because they go to it for a quick buck. They want to put money in a stock and take it out as soon as there’s money in it. So, they are the so-called short-sellers. They are very dynamic in the stock market buy sell! Buy Sell! When you do it like that you need a lot of bravery. A lot of experience and just to be very good at it! That is a very hard skill to have and that is what most people treat the stock market as.

But here’s the thing…as we learn more and more about there is historically proven that if you are on the stock market for a long-term investment you are guaranteed to make money if you know how to do it.

A long-term investment is historically proven to multiply your income and so it is frustrating!

So, why at school are we learning about useless equations that never used in our lives. Other than -, + and X…But we don’t learn about the actual skill that all of us need MONEY.

What you all think? Should school teach us about investing?

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